June 30, 2018 1 min read

Colouring electric cars in Nottingham 

It was exciting to create a colouring wall for Go Ultra Low Nottingham, a campaign to promote the use of electric and hybrid vehicles, in a city that already boasts a fully electric tram system, a fleet of electric buses, and a not for profit energy supplier.

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The big Go Ultra Low event was held in Old Market square, where hundreds of people checked out a whole range of super cool electric vehicles, found information about the campaign, and contributed to our giant colouring canvas.

colouring wall Nottingham interactive art for exhibitions

Maria illusrated an electric transport vision of Nottingham, so everyone could colour electiric cars and trams that were travelling around some landmarks from the city including the Council House, the Lace Market District, and the Castle.

colouring walls uk
uk mural artists colouring walls

The piece represented Nottingham excellently, and was very popular with the public. We have ended up with an excellent piece of community driven artwork that we hope to display prominently.

Timothy Gale - Nottingham City Council


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