Coloring walls

What is a coloring wall?

We make giant coloring walls and coloring canvasses that are custom designed from your ideas. At your event people can pick up a paint pen and color!

Coloring walls are perfect for public events, product launches, summits, festivals, and just about anywhere that there’s loads of people who fancy getting creative.

Case Study: IKEA Coloring Mural

The brief

IKEA wanted a coloring canvas for their new store. They asked us to include a Birmingham cityscape, a hint of Swedish design, and brand colors.

The coloring mural

IKEA loved the draft, so we illustrated the design and  stretched it onto a giant canvas ready for coloring.

The coloring!

Hundreds of people took some time out from visiting the new store opening day to color the canvas, creating a finished artwork that was put on display.

We've made coloring walls for

We’ve made over 300 custom coloring walls, colored by thousands of people, creating finished paintings that now hang all over the world in homes, libraries, stores, schools, and offices.

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