Fancy Features is a multidisciplinary creative studio specialising in work that brings people together.

We're in our 12th year of working with people all around the world to tell their stories using large scale interactive artwork.

Our clients love how interactive art helps them captivate an audience, start conversations and create lasting positive connections to their message.

Meet the team

I set up Fancy Features in 2011 after making some coloring walls at music festivals, seeing how excited everyone was to make art together inspired me start my studio.

I’m a passionate illustrator, I love the variety of briefs we get at Fancy Features. It’s always great getting to research the next project and respond to all the different subjects and influences.

I also make illustrated homewares, check out my website here >

I joined Fancy Features in 2014 to work on our art fabrication as well as handling the physical artwork. You’ll find me stretching canvasses or machining displays, I enjoy all the technical aspects of our work.

I love seeing projects go from an initial idea, to making a digital 3D design, crafting the artwork in the workshop and then installing it for our clients, install day is always really satisfying.

I also make illustrations and animations, check out my website here >

Our coloring walls

Coloring walls are perfect for public events, product launches, summits, festivals, and just about anywhere that there’s loads of people who fancy getting creative. People can pick up a paint pen and color your wall, creating a mural that together everyone can be proud of.

Since 2011 we've illustrated more than 300 coloring walls that have been colored by thousands of people, creating finished paintings that now hang in homes, libraries, stores, schools and offices all over the world.

Our wall murals

Custom wall murals tell your story in an interesting way and transform your space into a colourful wonderland, what’s not to love?!

We’re super into visualising our clients’ message into a wall mural that compliments their environment. We’ve made work that includes a spaceship flight deck inspired mural for Facebook, a traditional Polish folk art wall mural for Google, and a giant twelve metre mural for a UK energy supplier’s head office.

Our paint by numbers murals

Just like a coloring wall in terms of magnificence, color by numbers wall murals are ideal for inspiring people’s creativity at large events. Your mural is numbered ready for coloring with corresponding numbered paint pens, creating a finished painting that looks exactly how you want it, ready for display.

We’re experts at creating custom color by numbers murals, our past projects include transforming a Vincent Van Gogh landscape painting into a giant framed interactive mural for the Van Gogh Immersive Experience, and creating a giant six metre long paint by numbers mural for students during orientation week of their first semester at the University of Warwick.

Our art fabrication workshop

Large 3D artwork is fantastic at getting people’s attention, whether it’s an abstract work designed to compliment your space, a sculptural interpretation of your message, or a physical piece of artwork that people can interact with.

From our workshop we design work in digital 3D so that our clients can see the concept, before fabricating work using a blend of traditional, and modern computer aided techniques. Since opening our workshop we’ve made large scale work for UK energy company Utilita, fabricated displays for Adobe Workfront, and made modular gallery framing for the Van Gogh Experience.

We've made art for

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