Paint by numbers murals

What is a paint by numbers mural?

We make giant paint by numbers murals that are custom designed from your ideas. We number your mural ready for coloring with corresponding numbered paint pens.

At your event people can color your mural to create a finished painting that looks exactly how you planned.

Case study: Van Gogh paint by numbers mural

The painting

In 1889 Vincent Van Gogh painted “Evening landscape with rising moon” from the window of his asylum at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. It shows a harvested wheat field in front of the Alpilles mountains.

A custom mural

We digitally repainted the artwork, assigning each brushstroke a numbered space on the canvas, to be coloured with a matching numbered paint pen, all custom mixed to Van Gogh’s palette!

The finished Van Gogh paint by numbers

We've made paint by numbers wall murals for

We've made colour by numbers murals for clients around the world, including a series of 5 canvasses for Twitter, a giant 6 metre wide color by numbers wall at The University of Warwick and a giant paint by numbers wall at Facebook in Georgia, USA.

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