August 14, 2018 1 min read

Colouring the South Downs National Park

We illustrated some giant colouring canvasses for the South Downs National Park Authority to celebrate the park’s unique landscape and wildlife.

colouring wall art

The murals were coloured by the public at Wild Chalk Family Fun Day in east Brighton and at Boomtown Fair in Hampshire. Both events took place on chalk downland within the national park, landscape that features rolling hills and valleys shaped as the raised layer of chalk slowly erodes.

Travelling into the picture the foreground gives way interlocking slopes, chalk cliffs and the English Channel sea.

custom colouring wall

There’s lots of flora from the South Downs in the colouring picture, including bee orchids, pyramid orchids, carline thistles, hawthorn and wayfaring bushes.

bespoke colouring wall at boomtown festivalAmongst the vegetation are Adonis Blue, Chalkhill Blue, and Dark Green Fritillary butterflies, Striped Lychnis catterpillars and Silver Spotted Skipper moths. festival colouring wall

Hundreds of people at both events did some fantastic colouring with artists’ paint pens, to create finished paintings together. The team from The South Downs National Park Authority were bursting with passion for this fantastic landscape, exciting people with knowledge and celebrating the National Park’s diversity of unique species.

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