May 29, 2013 1 min read

Tiger mandala colouring wall at Upfest

Upfest is a giant street art festival in the streets of Bedminster, south Bristol. Maria hand illustrated a tiger in the middle of a mandala for everyone at the festival to colour. Here she is in our studio meticulously drawing the intricate colouring wall:

hand illustrated colouring wall

At Upfest there were over 200 street artists creating artworks across the Bedminster district, with crowds watching the paintings progress.

We took to the sunny streets of Bristol with the blank colouring wall and loads of artists paint pens, everyone was free to come and have a go, creating a bright and bold finished picture together.

We're always so pleased to see loads of people, friends and families connecting with large scale art by participating in colouring it!

custom coloring wall in Bristol
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