October 16, 2012 1 min read

Action For Children colouring mural

Action For Children are a charity that helps children across the UK. We worked with a group of young people who got really involved in directing the design for their canvas which they then coloured together. The group took such care during the process, this remains the best canvas ever coloured in our time illustrating them.

community colouring art

The tree in the centre of the design is iconic of the young people's strength, its leaves made from hundreds of hands signify working together, and the rocket launched from the mind demonstrates the power of an idea.

charity colouring wall

It was really great working with Maria. She listened to all the young people's ideas and helped them produce a great piece of work that is admired by everyone, and that the young people can take ownership of and be proud of.

Nicola Stait - Action For Children