January 20, 2018 1 min read

Office wall mural commission for Utilita

Utilita supply gas and electricity to UK customers using funky smart energy meters. For their head office in Winchester, Utilita asked us to design a mural that would be installed onto a panelled wall in their break room.

custom corporate wall art mural

Utilita wanted a bright and colourful mural with a pop art feel, to describe their company in a fun way. We decided to work with the panelled wall, using the existing framework to divide the wall mural into sections.

We illustrated the panels joined by the gas pipes and electrical cables running through them, supplying a house with energy.

custom illustration

Our custom wall mural was illustrated in a Pop Art style influenced by artists from the movement.

We used colour halftones and hatching that were so present in Roy Lichtenstein's work, contained in a graphic outlined style.

We looked to Robert Rauschenberg's work for the color palette, he often used bold saturated hues, an approach which fit really well with Utilita's existing brand colors.

bespoke office wall murals
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