July 11, 2017 1 min read

Coloring with Google Women Engineers

Google asked us to create two coloring walls for their weareGWE intern summit, that celebrates women working in the tech industry. The summit ran simultaneously at the Googleplex in Silicon Valley, and their offices in NYC, so we made a canvas for each.

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Every member of the Fancy Features studio worked on the canvases, Maria and Chris illustrated the artwork, Jess helped us to pre-paint some colour to the pieces, the NYC canvas in taxi cab yellow, and the Mountain View canvas in a Googley blue.

google coloring art

Everyone at the summit loved contributing to the coloring walls, which feature women coding, engineering, and developing, all joined to each other by lines of code.

google coloring wall art installation

The finished canvases are now on display at Google's Mountain View and NYC offices.

google illustration commission


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