July 11, 2017 1 min read

Coloring murals with Google Women Engineers

Google asked us to create two coloring walls for their weareGWE intern summit, an event celebrating women working in the tech industry.

google coloring wall art installation

The summit ran simultaneously at the Googleplex in Silicon Valley and their offices in NYC. We made a coloring mural for each location, ready for some twin city artistic action!

We illustrated a design showing women working on computers, with visual representations of coding, engineering, and developing on the screens.

google coloring art

Streams of binary code swirl across the coloring walls with digits written in a dot matrix retro bitmap font.

Prisms float in a chevron hyperspace that travels between the computers and out into the rest of the world wide web!

custom art commissions uk

We printed the designs onto canvas and hand finished them in our studio to give the murals a personal touch and tactile quality.

Everyone at the summit loved contributing to the coloring walls, discussing the seminars and speakers at the summit as they colored.

google illustration commission

The finished murals went up on display at Google’s Mountain View and NYC offices.


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