January 08, 2019 1 min read

Fuze Tea colouring at Sainsbury's HQ

Fuze Tea commissioned us to illustrate a mindfulness colouring wall that had the relaxing and calming feel of their drink.

We went to Sainsbury’s headquarters in Holborn, London where the (fantastically artistic!) people coloured the mural and enjoyed tasting Fuze Tea flavours.

colouring wall in London

Fuze Tea comes in two flavours, so for the colouring mural we grouped the botanical elements from each flavour together.

Mangos swirl on the canvas with chamomile plants, and peaches float alongside hibiscus. The two flavour combinations are surrounded by giant tea leaves.

giant art to colour

We illustrated the mural as a large spiral to give the colouring wall a relaxing style and represent the drink's ingredients fusing together like they’re being stirred into a tea.

fuze tea colouring wall

Everyone at Sainsbury’s headquarters took time out of their busy days to add their mark to the colouring wall, vibing into botanical relaxation!

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