August 02, 2017 1 min read

Colouring twelve hundred years of history at Hartlebury Castle

In the late 9th century King Burghred granted the land that Hartlebury Castle now sits on to the Bishop of Worcester. The castle’s foundations are believed to have been laid in the 13th century, since then the building has been involved in some major events in British history.

In 2015 Hartlebury Castle was purchased by the newly founded Hartlebury Castle Preservation Trust, who asked us to illustrate a colouring mural detailing some of the Castle’s rich history, to be coloured at local events.

hartlebury castle colouring art

The illustration that Maria created features, alongside the castle, King George 3rd, Queen Charlotte, Bishop Hurd with his famous library, and a gypsy caravan.

The floral motifs were inspired by mediaeval art and the hand painted gypsy caravans at Hartlebury Castle.