July 01, 2019 1 min read

Mandala colouring wall at the annual Fundraising Convention

The Institute of Fundraising is the UK’s professional body for fundraising. This year they asked us to make a custom wall mural for their annual Fundraising Convention, Europe’s largest professional fundraising event.

event colouring wall at the barbican centre

This giant kaleidoscopic mandala weaves together fundraising themes upon abstract tree tined avenues that twist, fold and ripple out from the illustration’s centre in a splendorous and wavy ocular alms oasis. Maria illustrated people are working together, passing objects to each other showing the act of fundraising and charity. Different types of charities: humanitarian, health, social care, environmental, sports, social activism and others are referenced by objects or scenes that relate to them.

coloring wall with paint pens

We designed and installed the artwork in the Barbican in London, ready for the 4 day Fundraising Convention where it was coloured by the attending fundraisers with artists’ paint pens, creating a colourful piece of wall art together.

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