May 16, 2015 1 min read

Festival Style Wedding Entertainment

Our giant colouring canvasses were born at festivals, a way for hundreds of people to come together to create a painting that everyone can be proud of. It's natural that our canvasses would start appearing as entertainment at festival themed weddings, especially as the finished masterpiece becomes a personal memento of your big day. Here's one that was flown to Meera and Adam's wedding in Dubai.

art for your wedding

Maria hand illustrated this wall art straight from Meera and Adam’s ideas, a magical pathway leads through an enchanted forest, circus acts, peacocks and unicorns frolic in a festival of love, set in front of a Dubai skyline. We paint in a few colours to give the picture structure, normally coordinated to your wedding colour palette or home decor where the painting will be displayed. Then the picture's ready to be coloured by everyone at your wedding!