July 23, 2015 3 min read

Derrick Sparklecorn Motivator

2015's Secret Garden Party festival had the theme 'childish things'. Chris illustrated his first custom giant colouring canvas, with elements from his childhood, all fused into a powerfully glittery neon unicorn.

90s unicorn illustration

"Derrick Sparklecorn Motivator" is named after a hero from the 90s, Mr Motivator, aka Derrick Evans. Derrick (the human) took the UK by storm in the 90s with his world class fitness routines, delivered in neon lycra with unrivalled charisma.

He was called Mr Motivator when he was doing his aerobics and he literally motivated an entire nation, to this day there's still not a British citizen that hasn't done one of his routines. Derrick (the unicorn) became a 'sparklecorn' when we decorated his horn with golden glitter.

festival colouring wall

Derrick's mane and tail grow from a 90s material that movies, games and videos used to be sold on, a thing that was called 'tape'. Tape in the 90s came in two main flavours called 'VHS' and 'compact cassette' but nobody ever said the 'compact' bit, not even pedants.

In the past you had to go all the way in to town to buy your tapes because the internet wasn't all that popular, and when you got home you could play your tapes two, sometimes three times before they broke or wore out. You could play them using something like the 'ghetto blaster' that is also featured in the painting.

A ghetto blaster was a machine with a tape hole and at least one speaker on each side, all contained in a plastic box with a handle. The handle on a ghetto blaster was used to try and balance it on your shoulder, because they were too heavy to hold hanging from the end of your one arm, and it was considered a social faux pas to carry it two handed.

Some say that if ghetto blasters had an mp3 hole in them then the internet would have boomed quicker, just like a 'boom box', which is another name for the ghetto blaster.

paint coloring wall

Just like his namesake, Derrick has a very muscular physique that he developed as a result of all his aerobics. Derrick (the sparklecorn again) tries to motivate all the creatures in 90s faraway magic land by spreading his unique style of jumping up and down, and walking backwards and forwards. 'It's like dressage but less funny' said one spectator.

unicorn coloring

Derek was a veritable magnet to members of his own sparklecorn species, his succulent sparklecorn scent drew horned admirers from near and far, mostly near, but still a few fars. After witnessing such a majestic specimen of sparklecorn sperility many fans ignored that sperility isn't a word, recognised that it definitely added a certain sperility to this sentence and coloured a bit of Derrick in.

festival coloring

After the festival we thought it was only right that Mr Motivator should meet Derrick (the sparklecorn, not himself) so we twittered him:



Derrick is of course a fan of Derrick but now the story's come full circle because Derrick's a fan of Derrick too! In the words of Mr Motivator (and possibly a musical film from the '50s), "If you don't have a dream how you gonna have a dream come true?"