Meet the Artists

Maria Leyden

Founder & Illustrator


After training as a special effects make-up artist at London College of Fashion Maria started illustrating giant colouring walls in 2007 whilst she was travelling in New Zealand. She's illustrated more than 150 colouring walls since!


Chris Mason

Designer & Illustrator


As well as illustration Chris is responsible for our web & graphic design, making things like our memphis design inspired staff portraits above. Chris is also working on some mobile art machines that are coming soon!


Jess Mason



Jess joined Fancy Features in 2016, taking on a huge commission for Undertone, and has been wowing us with her skills ever since! Jess is a master of botanical illustration but loves to take on all sorts of commissions. 


How our creative business began

Fancy Features studio, hand illustrated giant colouring in

Maria started illustrating giant pictures for everyone to colour in back in 2008. She was travelling around New Zealand and wanted to create an interactive activity for festivals that everyone could get involved in regardless of their level of artistic ability, hundreds of people creating a painting together. Giant Colouring In was born!


Maria soon realised that people were just as captivated after the event had finished, the finished paintings were a memento of the festival where they were coloured in & many went up on permanent display.  


After returning to the UK, and working as a special effects make-up artist, Maria started to get requests for giant colouring in canvasses. Couples wanted one for their wedding reception, companies wanted one to engage with their consumers and festivals wanted one because everyone loves giant colouring in at festivals!


In 2011 Maria set up Fancy Features to meet the demand for her hand illustrated giant colouring in canvasses, joined by her partner Chris to manage the company's website and design and in 2016 Jess joined us, a local illustrator who's style is a perfect fit. In 2012 Fancy Features moved from the garage to our open studio in Worcestershire, UK (where the sauce is made!) You can find our address at the bottom of the page, come and pay us a visit and see the biggest collection of giant coloured-in artworks ever!


Since 2011 Fancy Features has created far more than 100 fully bespoke giant colouring in canvasses for companies, charities, local councils, schools, couples planning their wedding day and many more people looking for unique event entertainment. We've loved collaborating with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of 'colouring-in-ers' to create so many unique paintings that have captured so many special days.


To our knowledge we're still the only business in the world that offers a bespoke colouring in design service, and a giant one at that!


If you've coloured in one of our canvasses, thank you for your help, you're awesome! If not we hope to see you soon.


Maria, Chris & Jess

Fancy Features