Bespoke colouring murals, posters & postcards created for Wiley

Publishers John Wiley & Sons asked us to create some custom colouring murals, posters and postcards to be enjoyed at a a range of events across the year including Beijing Book Fair and regional staff team days.


The picture that we illustrated for Wiley's canvas colouring murals and colouring posters shows an academic road to success through research. The journey begins with an introduction to the galaxy on a school rooftop moving to further understanding of the universe through academic study. The next step is scientific discovery at a library followed by employment shown with a rocket being made. The journey finishes with the success of the rocket being fired into space at the end of the road.


Here's the design on canvas ready for colouring with artists' paint pens:

Here's some colouring posters printed from the custom design:

Here's some colouring postcards to complete the collection, custom designed to compliment the colouring canvasses & posters:

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