A very Fancy Feature for your wedding, party or event. Be it a surprise for your own event or as a very special gift for your loved ones, Personalised Guess Who is guaranteed to be sensational!


You send us 24 photos of your friends and family (easy to find from your social networking sites) and we hand illustrate each one into a digital masterpiece.

The portraits are then thrice printed (for the two gameboards and the playing deck of cards) to the highest standards onto thick cardstock before being gloss coated to ensure a beautful finish and long lifetime.

We then take a classic, retro MB Guess Who and upcycle it into a personalised version with your cards, ready for you to surprise and titillate  your guests!

Your game comes packaged in a wooden, hand finished and felt lined box. We hand paint your names or event title onto the top, and best of all we'll even match the colour of the paint on the lid, felt lining and playing cards to your colour scheme!


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Package Contents

Hand finished and painted felt lined wooden case in a choice of two timber finishes and sixteen shades of felt!


Two MB Guess Who gameboards personalised with illustrations of 24 friends, family or colleagues.


One deck of beautifully printed and glossed playing cards printed to your specification.


A Williams Handmade leather card case made using exquisite British bridle leather in a range of eight shades.


Eight yellow scoring pegs.


Instructions card and invitation card, both printed onto 100% recycled cardstock.


Two stands to display the instruction and invitation cards.


24 A5 fine art giclee printed portraits, great as wedding favours or gifts for the illustrated guests.

 To see the launch of our first Personalised Guess Who or for more information about the creative processes used to create it please click here.

Making An Order

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 Here's the catch, each game requires 24 portraits to be hand illustrated on a graphics tablet and hence takes many man hours to make, usually taking eight weeks or longer to complete depending upon our availability.

Therefore, unfortunately we can only charge a ridiculous price for it. Prices start from £2500. We know this is an insane price for a game, it's the only way it can be viable for our us. It is a luxury Personalised Guess Who!

If you're still keen, we ask that you order as far in advance of your event as possible. As with any bespoke product the earlier an order is placed the less chance there is of us being fully booked.





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