The Prince's Trust Youth Mural Project 2011

Working in Partnership with Young Gloucestershire, The Prince's Trust, Gloucester City Council and Gloucester City Community Partnerships- Fancy Features Artist, Maria Leyden, was a Team Leader for a group of young volunteers on the National Citizen Service programme.

Prince's Trust

This community project was a 70ft mural in the city centre of Gloucester, where previously the hoardings had been tagged and vandalised. 


The team were taught a simple way to approach designing and went out and researched the highlights of the city, along with speaking to people in the community about what they would like to see as a piece of art in Gloucester.


The group were then taught fun creative skills through a variety of workshops giving them the skills to create the piece. This involved using a projector to make stencils of the iconic sights, followed by stencils of the young people themselves. Their sillhouettes were then transfered to the mural site and represent the young people of Gloucester.


Together the team produced an incredible piece of art that got lots of attention from the local community and press- please read some of the fantastic feedback comments displayed below the gallery.