Amazing Event Entertainment, Personalised Guess Who is Launched!

A big thank you to Clare and Paul for featuring our latest product at their wedding! A beautiful couple who two days ago had a beautiful wedding in a beautiful venue, we couldn't have asked for a better reception, if you'll excuse the pun!


We had a big idea at Fancy Features, to add more interactive and completely unique entertainment to our line-up. Our Giant colouring-in is being sucessfully delivered to happy customers at parties, weddings and events around the globe, we wanted to make a product to follow in it's footsteps.


Here's what we came up with, Personalised Guess Who!

Clare and Paul sent us 24 brilliant pictures of guests attending their special day, we then hid in the studio for a week to hand illustrate each one into a digital masterpiece!


Here's a few examples of our favourite photos with their illustrations, these were really fun to draw!

Once the illustrations were ready we sent them to a luxury card printer who printed the pictures for both Guess Who gameboards and a deck of cards with which to play the game.


All of the cards were printed onto 350gsm premium cardstock before being gloss coated for a great finish and a longer life.


The cards were then mounted into the classic MB Guess Who gameboards.

Once the game was fully personalised we set to work on the case. We wanted a case that matched the quality of the Guess Who set and protected it for decades to come.


We started with a wooden hinged box with rounded corners (to match the playing cards!). We then used a stenciling technique to spray vector graphics onto the lid. A few coats of eco-varnish later we were ready to line the case in luxury felt. Oooh lovely!

We'd got as far as a game in a case, now for the finishing touches.


We printed an invitation card and set of instructions - encouraging Clare and Paul's guests to play Guess Who, and because it's a special personalised version, to play it with fun questions like:


"Is this person a flamboyant dresser?"




"Does this person have poor timekeeping?!"

The beginning of the story of Clare and Paul's Personalised Guess Who ends with their beautiful wedding two days ago, although we're sure they'll enjoy playing it for years to come.


We popped in to gauge the reaction of their guests who seemed to be as excited as we were!

A big special thank you again to Paul and Clare, a special thanks also to Dody, Tim, Siobhan, Tess, Marie, Simon, Joe, Pauline, Nindy, Claire, Samantha, Lanky, Jeff, Hanh, Geraldine, Louise, Rachel, Debora, Dan, Darren, Amy and Kieran, your fancy features have made our features more fancy!


To view Personalised Guess Who in our shop and order one for your own party, event, wedding, corporate function or very special gift click here

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    Siobhan Murphy (Monday, 08 July 2013 23:50)

    Absolutely loved ths game! So much fun. I wanted to take it home myself :)

  • #2

    Chris (Tuesday, 09 July 2013 18:24)

    We're so glad you loved it Siobhan! A little birdie told me that Marie's looking after it whilst the happy couple are honeymooning!

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    ericvirgil (Friday, 23 January 2015 10:17)

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